18-07-22 milflondon said on Magazine 5322.127: Like this?

18-07-14 milflondon said on Magazine 5315.577: where's the others

18-07-09 suzimilf said on susan bj: all her xxx vids and pics here:

18-07-03 milflondon said on wanda: Like to get my hands on those!

18-06-27 Jessica said on PhillipV1966 of Second Life: lol. All I can say is "Great!" The more embarrassed he becomes, the better. Phillip is 51. The pics I took of him were this month, June 2018. (The template has that date of January 2012 on it. That couldn't be changed.)

18-06-26 Destiny1 said on PhillipV1966 of Second Life: You go girl!!! Shame the pervert! Bet he won't make that 'accident' again. I've sent his pic to my girlfriends on Facebook. Some of them are on SL too. I'm sure they'll have fun with his pic. How old is he? He's so fat he looks like he's pregnant.

18-06-25 Jessica said on PhillipV1966 of Second Life Gets Spanked: Also archived for posterity! archive DOT is/2ndJA lol!

18-06-25 Jessica said on PhillipV1966 of Second Life Gets Spanked: You should have seen cousin Phillip's face. It was almost as red as his big fat butt. That's what he gets for 'accidentally' (so he claimed) walking in on my friend Maria as she was undressed and getting ready to put on her bikini.

18-06-25 Jessica said on PhillipV1966 of Second Life: Maybe from now on my cousin Phillip won't 'accidentally' walk in on one of my girlfriends changing into her bikini. archive DOT is/u1JC1

18-06-18 jomama66 said on Porn Star Holly: I'd pay to watch her get drilled


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